The Hunt

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Meeting the in-laws was the least of her problems…There's nothing like being the guest of honor at an engagement party to remind a person she has commitment issues, but Rachel Benjamin has finally put her neuroses behind her

A weekend with her fiance, Peter, and his parents will put her skills to the test, but she's confident they'll never guess how new she is to normal relationships

And when Rachel stumbles upon secrets all Peter's own, she wonders if maybe she's declared victory over her neuroses too soon.

Hilary was last seen in the company of Igor Iggie Behrenz, a budding Internet tycoon with strange fashion sense and even stranger secrets secrets Hilary had been threatening to expose

Now Rachel has to track down her friend, which would be enough of a challenge if she weren't already busy proving how normal she is to her future in-laws

Someone is orchestrating an elaborate scavenger hunt across San Francisco, dangling Hilary as the prize

Then Rachel receives a cryptic message her friend Hilary is missing

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